True Connections was founded by Hendrika (Irma) Hilkens in 2018. Hendrika moved to Australia in 2009 from The Netherlands where she worked as behaviour support consultant in a large Disability Organisation. Hendrika has a natural curiosity for human behaviour and is committed to find ways how to understand people’s choices and work alongside them with compassion. Hendrika is an advocate for people’s human rights how they are being supported in their daily life.

Hendrika has been practising Support coordination for almost 4 years and grown the company from a Sole Trader to a Trust, supporting over 80 participants. The company growth has come from her dedication and responsiveness to ensure a quality service.

Hendrika has a passion in making a difference by connecting with people from all walks of life from a place of non-judgment and compassion. Her drive to grow True Connections has been to create a safe place where people feel appreciated and valued. The NDIS can be overwhelming and creates anxiety for many, it has been amazing to watch the relief in our participants when we create a clear path forward. 

Hendrika attempts to inspire her team to slow work down and connect with their participants ensuring they feel validated and understood. It is believed the trust that will develop will support the journey in achieving outcomes and allowing positive changes in life.

Hendrika aims to be a leader and an advocate in raising the standard of a quality disability service by standing up for participants who are not well supported.

When she doesn’t work Hendrika spends time with her daughter Jools, creating adventures and become immersed in the world of imagination…

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